Where and when you can buy the iPhone 3G in Russia

October 1, 2008, 5:36 pm

where and when you can buy the iphone 3g in russia   In anticipation of the start of sales is already known worldwide phone-player iPhone 3G, we decided to share with readers information about where you can buy so expected a novelty in Russia.
Official iPhone 3G sales in chain stores re:Store will begin the night from 2 to October 3, exactly at 00:00 in the Atrium Broadcasting Company (Moscow), and re:Store at Nevsky (St. Petersburg). Then during the day iPhone for sale in shops re:Store in 20 cities of Russia from St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk.
The official value of 8-GB iPhone in a black casing is 23000 rubles. Version with 16 GB of memory in a white or black hulls will cost the consumer in the 27000 rubles. Buy iPhone may as the contract operator and without him, at the cost of apparatus is not affected.
The same night, selling iPhone 3G will begin trading network White Wind Digital. Start happen at midnight in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Samara. On this night, buyers can purchase iPhone 3G network in the following stores White Wind DIGITAL:
  • Moscow, metro Mayakovskaya, garden-Triumphal, 12/14;
  • Moscow, m. Proletarskaya, Volgograd Ave, 10;
  • Moscow, metro Lubyanka, TTS Sheremetevskoe Compound;
  • Moscow, metro Oktyabrskoye Pole, Marshall Cyan, 12;
  • Zelenograd, Central Avenue, Building 241;
  • St. Petersburg metro Ladoga, TTS June, Industrial Avenue, d. 24;
  • Kazan, TTS Park House, etc. Hussain Yamasheva, 46/33;
  • Samara on the Volga Rus TTS, the Moscow Highway 15B.
In a network of shops White Wind DIGITAL cost iPhone 3G will be the same as in re:Store. Note that after the official start of sales 00:00 hours Moscow on October 3, phones can be purchased in all stores network White Wind DIGITAL from Moscow to Novosibirsk. Until the end of the year the company plans to sell 13 thousand pieces iPhone 3G.


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