Android OS will be ported to the MIPS-chips

April 25, 2009, 3:38 pm

   The developer for open source, a small company Embedded Alley, reached an agreement with RMI Corporation of porting an operating system Android on MIPS-processor Au1250. Expected to Embedded Alley will be able to provide the fruits of their labor in May, and thus become a pioneer in porting Android to the new platform. Partners believe that their initiative reflects a wave of interest in the Android application in other segments, in addition to the market of smartphones.
Chip Au1260, based on the core MIPS32, can operate in the frequency range from 333 to 700 MHz and includes a module multiplication/accumulation functions for the signal processor (DSP). Nominally the Au1260 is positioned for use in the Media and navigation devices, but the partners have emphasized that nothing prevents the use of it also, and many other applications, including medical equipment, test and industrial systems.
Embedded Alley took over the job of porting, but chose not to apply on the receipt and the remuneration of the RMI in their work. However, it is known that the company is actively trying to enter into such partnerships with other chipmeykerami. Pre-set the developer to write applications for Android for MIPS Embedded Alley company is estimated at less than 50 thousand U. S. $. The company was founded in 2004, a group of former employees of MontaVista Software, and currently has 45 developers, of which this project will employ about eight.


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