Announced shooter Painkiller:Resurrection

April 13, 2009, 9:12 pm

announced shooter painkiller:resurrection   Good news for all fans of the series Painkiller. IGN reports that JoWood/Dreamcatcher Games in conjunction with the Homegrown Games took over development of Painkiller:Resurrection - the third part of the famous anti-demonic shooter. The best is that the toys will be on sale as early as during 2009.
The new draft seems to be a lot more plot elements than in the first two. Offer gamers вжиться CIA agent in the skin, which is the removal of unwanted government figures. This character appears in the center of the struggle between the forces of Heaven and Hell. The authors promise a bunch of enemies, an improved version of old engine Painkiller, a few multiplayer modes, including co-operative for two persons.
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