What will be the answer to the issue of server AMD chips Nehalem ?

April 3, 2009, 9:15 am

   Presented at the end of March Nehalem processors for servers and workstations have become a challenge to the company AMD. New items are different from predecessors is not only an increase of more than double productivity, but also twice as less power consumption in idle mode system. In all presentation materials on the Nehalem, a special focus on energy efficiency in new chips - the figure today is very important.
Well, AMD, it seems, has taken the challenge. At a public event, held recently, the red-green camp rushed to reassure the public that they are preparing to release processors Shanghai with a very low power consumption. According to plans of the company, the new chips come to market over the next three months.
In contrast, Intel Nehalem, succeeding Quad Processors AMD Opteron EE did not show a significant increase in performance compared to predecessors, but will have noticeable gains in energy efficiency indicators. Unfortunately, no specific figures have not yet been disclosed, only the common words.
In addition, known under the code designation of Istanbul, shestiyadernye upcoming Opteron chips will also support the innovative power management. AMD expects that the processors Istanbul show appreciable increase in performance compared with current 45-nm Opteron, and it will show approximately the same power consumption, like their predecessors Quad.
According to the manufacturer, Istanbul chips come to market in the second half of the year. AMD said that its server solutions based on these processors will provide Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Remember, the first working samples of Istanbul were shown in February.
AMD also shared a more distant plans. In 2010, it intends to increase the maximum number of cores in their processors to twelve units. 12-nuclear chips under the code referred to Magny Cours. They will have support for DDR3-memory.


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