Antec:new green BP power 750 W

April 16, 2009, 12:10 pm

antec:new green bp power 750 wantec:new green bp power 750 w 
antec:new green bp power 750 w   From the U. forges Antec has released new model of computer power supply EA-750, intended for production systems. The name of new items is encrypted nominal output power equal to 750 W, and belonging to a series of green products EarthWatts. The secret of high-efficiency unit is, above all, good design and the presence of a chain of active power factor correction (Active PFC), would bring the power factor (PF) to 0 99. According to the manufacturer, the value of the efficiency of the source of more than 80%. The same indicates the presence of the environmental certificate 80 PLUS. High efficiency power supply for the ordinary user does not only mean savings in the accounts for the electricity, but also reducing the heat of electronic components, the mitigation requirements for cooling and noise reduction.
to the source is fully complies with ATX12V v2. 3 and EPS12V v2. 91, which allows it to operate as a modern desktop PC, and composition of entry-level servers. Input voltage can vary widely - from 100 to 240 V. The developers of the Antec shared bus 12 into four separate channels, such as the most efficient in terms of stability and quality of food. Load capacity of each of these lines is about 25 A. The same current can provide consumers with channels 5 and 3, 3 B. Protection of current and voltage will protect the power supply and computer components in a variety of freelance situations.
For the internal cooling of the internals of a new source with the fan produced by ADDA. By marking ADN512UB-A91 is easy to find its main features:Standart - 135 mm, the maximum rotational speed - 2500 RPM, ball bearing. The fan is connected to the speed control circuits, which guarantee minimal noise at moderate loads. To improve air exchange and maintain order inside the system unit of American engineers Antec used hybrid cable system. The main cables are soldered to the motherboard and the source of rigidly fixed, and further connected, depending on the composition of peripheral devices.
A set of block connectors Antec EA-750 will satisfy the most demanding users, including owners and CrossFire configurations multichipovyh SLI. They are two 6 2-pin and two 6-pin connector PCI-E. Also, find a place for nine 4-pin connector type Molex, nine connectors for SATA-power devices, a connector for FDD-drive, as well as a 4-pin and one 8-pin connector ATX12V.
Sales of the new 750-W source of American manufacturers began on 11 April. On the issue of retail prices is well known that the Japanese computer stores for the upper model in the series of EarthWatts asked to about 15 000 yen ($ 150).


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