Anti-tobacco game for American soldiers

April 21, 2009, 6:48 pm

anti-tobacco game for american soldiers   Smoking harms your health. It knows everything, except for American soldiers. To guide its military path to U. S. Department of Defense has decided to go on an extravagant step. Guidance has invested about $ 4 million in anti-tobacco video games.
At the head of the new project will be Alexander Prokhorov (Alexander Prokhorov) - Doctor of Medicine from the Anderson Cancer Center. Together with the staff of Radiant Creative professionals promise to create an entertaining and educational product that will tell users about the dangers of smoking. Do not expect from this work some incredible graphics and innovative presentations.
Despite the complete lack of innovation, the development of the game extend for many years. Testing will begin only in 2011, and release the full version delayed until 2013.
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