Apple Mac mini platform NVIDIA Ion ?

January 16, 2009, 4:21 pm

apple mac mini platform nvidia ion ? 
apple mac mini platform nvidia ion ?   InsideWeb rumors surfaced of nenazyvaemyh partners NVIDIA, who argue that the next generation of new Apple Mac mini class will be built on the basis of platform NVIDIA Ion. Thus, among other things, alleges that Apple has become one of the first companies that received the samples NVIDIA Ion. Recall that the platform NVIDIA Ion based on a chipset with integrated graphics 9400M - the same as that used in the current MacBook laptops and MacBook Pro.
In the case of Apple Mac mini platform NVIDIA Ion even in conjunction with dvuhyadernym 1, 6 GHz Atom 330 processor and 533 MHz bus, new Mac mini, of course, be some play in the current generation of performance-based Mac mini 1 , 83 GHz, 1 GHz or Core 2 Duo processor with 667 MHz bus. Although eventually the use of NVIDIA 9400M still gives better performance than the integrated graphics solutions Intel GMA.
Step to significantly reduce the productivity of Apple Mac mini can be justified only in the event of a sharp decline in the price of these models. The company NVIDIA, incidentally, will position the platform for the solutions Ion price level $ 400.
, however, can not be discarded and other versions use the platform NVIDIA Ion updates to Apple. Could well be that the new models of iMac and Mac mini will be implemented on the basis of all of the same chipset NVIDIA MCP79 graphics NVIDIA 9400M, but equipped with conventional processors, Intel Core 2 Duo.
Among the rumors and assumptions is also considering the option of the use by Apple platform Ion for Apple TV. In this case, replacing the current use 1 GHz processor Intel Pentium Crofton in 2-Nuclear Atom 330 with better graphics can be considered as a worthy upgrade.
is also not excluded the option that projects Apple TV and Mac mini is not why, but Apple is only planning to launch new line of low-cost computers to developing countries.


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