Apple Partners in the production of third generation phones iPhone

April 15, 2009, 4:02 pm

apple partners in the production of third generation phones iphone   With each passing day, more and more attention is paid to the next novelty company Apple - third generation mobile phones iPhone. The device is likely to appear on the world market is closer to the middle of 2009, and simply must become as popular goods, which were his predecessors. In turn, the popularity of iPhone a positive impact on the status of contract manufacturers of electronic components used in the manufacture of final devices.
One of the partners of Apple in the manufacture of mobile phones has become a new generation of Taiwanese company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and a pair of units Xintec and VisEra Technologies. All of them are very large order for the manufacture of components for ayfonov. Sama TSMC will manufacture amplifiers in GSM EDGE, integrated circuits for use with Bluetooth, as well as CMOS-Sensor OmniVision resolution 3, 2 million pixels. In turn, Xintec will package and test the sensors, while VisEra Technologies will be entrusted with the manufacture of color filters.
In total, the production of components for mobile phones iPhone will work a variety of companies.


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