Apple reward buyers App Store

April 13, 2009, 2:42 pm

apple reward buyers app store   Apple posted on the official site of the counter showing the number of downloads from App Store service programs. Gift Center less than a year and the volume of applications that are downloaded the owners of iPod touch and iPhone, is close to 1 billion
All customers have downloaded the software from the beginning of installation of the counter, take part in the drawing. In the prize pool includes:iTunes gift card for $ 10 000, iPod touch, Time Capsule and the MacBook Pro. The total prize is U. S. $ 13 746.
In January, Apple announced that 500 million sold through the App Store programs. It has been estimated that in the spring in the day sold 5 million applications. In January, the pace of sales of 4, 76 million program in December - 2, 2 million


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