Apple v. Palm - to be whether the patent war ?

January 29, 2009, 10:31 am

apple v. palm - to be whether the patent war ?apple v. palm - to be whether the patent war ? 
apple v. palm - to be whether the patent war ?   In early 2009, during the exhibition CES 2009, the company Palm officially presented to the public its latest Communicator Pre platform based WebOS, which expects to emerge from crisis - on the basis of this decision in the near future will have a number of interesting novelties, including the model of Palm Centro 2. Meanwhile, Palm has an asset only a single model, which, however, plans to sell in quantities of 1, 5 million units already this year. As is its main enemy is not the developers have chosen someone else, but sverhpopulyarny worldwide phone Apple iPhone. To carry out its plans and gain popularity Palm Pre help rich functionality communicator, easy to use interface, as well as touch-sensitive display supporting multitouch.
However, it is touch multitouch-screen may have a bad service, of Palm, since its rival, Apple has recently raportovala to obtain a patent on technology multisensornogo display, which theoretically allows it in the courts to protect their intellectual property. Among the potential violators of human malic hits and Palm with its Communicator Pre. According to patent number 7 479 949 (Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics), the Apple owned the intellectual rights including the use of the movement of the image (horizontal and vertical skroll) using the touch screen . Not to mention the features such as image scaling, its rotation, etc. And, if the apparatus of the company not having a license agreement with Apple, supports such a function, then we can talk about the violation of patent law. If you want yablochnikov prove that in the case of Palm Pre illegally used the intellectual rights of Apple, this would be relatively easy.
It would seem, Palm is in the unenviable position - it is possible that when Apple begins to litigation with the company for the protection of its intellectual property, particularly in the case of commercial success communicator Pre. Nevertheless, and Palm have something to respond to possible lawsuits. The point is that the company is not the first year introduces into portable electronic devices, including those equipped with touch screen, and it has a set of patents, among which there are at least Patent No. 7 268 775 (Dynamic brightness range for portable computer displays based on ambient conditions). Not hard to guess that in such a way Palm usurped authorship autoresponding change the display brightness according to ambient light. But support for such functions have mobile phones Apple iPhone. In addition, Palm has an asset and a number of other patents, involving the management system calls, contacts, history of calls, the management of active compounds, etc.
The result of all this history of a possible confrontation Apple and Palm is a fact that both companies have at their disposal a set of patents for ideas that in one way or another are realized in the products of both competitors. And if one of the parties to decide through the courts to protect its intellectual property from infringement, then the other party may file a counter-claim of a violation of their rights. Who in this case would be in a more favorable situation - it is impossible to say. This means that, with respect to Apple, and Palm will continue parity, where both sides quietly to the other using a proprietary function. Instead, Apple may send their anger against the clones of a mobile phone iPhone, prohibiting their sale, and thus gardens themselves from a possible competition with the complete analogy, but from third-party manufacturers.


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