Apple Xserve servers based on Intel Xeon Nehalem

April 9, 2009, 9:06 am

apple xserve servers based on intel xeon nehalemapple xserve servers based on intel xeon nehalem 
apple xserve servers based on intel xeon nehalem   A few days after the release of Nehalem processors for servers and workstations, Apple has introduced an updated Xserve computers based on new chips. Thanks to quad-processor Intel Xeon Nehalem and system architecture of a new generation of productivity in the new Xserve has become converted to watts by 89% higher.
In the updated Xserve Intel Xeon processors used with up to 2, 93 GHz, each with integrated memory controller with three channels of 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC, which allows to increase the capacity of 2, 4 times suggested different options for storage including solid-state SSD-disk 128 GB, consuming significantly less power and providing treatment to the system 48 times faster than conventional hard disk. To arrange a powerful videopodsistemy provided two slots PCI Express 2. 0 x16. Also worth noting backup battery that can operate autonomously for up to 72 hours, which provides enhanced data protection.
Xserve comes with unlimited client version of Leopard Server, which extends the capabilities of products such as Server Assistant and Server Preferences. Leopard Server includes Podcast, Wiki Server, and iCal Server.
The new servers can be ordered from the official suppliers of the products Apple.


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