Arctosa and Lycosa Mirror SE - New geymerskie keyboard Razer

October 10, 2008, 4:39 pm

arctosa and lycosa mirror se - new geymerskie keyboard razerarctosa and lycosa mirror se - new geymerskie keyboard razerarctosa and lycosa mirror se - new geymerskie keyboard razer 
arctosa and lycosa mirror se - new geymerskie keyboard razer   Inveterate fans of virtual battles are addressed announced recently by Razer very ergonomic design keyboard under the names Arctosa and Lycosa Mirror Special Edition.
To be sure, constructively both new items based on the concept, successfully implemented in marked prestigious awards model Razer Lycosa. In doing so, according to a modified version of gamers Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition different from the predecessor smooth mirror finish improved backlit keys and buttons for more efficient use of in the dark.
In turn, Razer Arctosa is a simplified version of the original product, devoid of lights and buttons available in black version with silver or black caused symbols.
The overall same characteristics for each of the products are:
  • fully programmable keys;
  • The use of technology Hyperesponse, which reduces the delay when you press;
  • Ability Deactivation keys Windows (particularly useful for gamers);
  • 10 customizable software layouts;
  • Otdelyaemaya stand under the wrist;
  • dimensions represent 470 x 222 x 20 mm (with foot wrist).
In addition, the model Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition has a special panel TouchPanel to gain quick access to the management of Media, realized the possibility of a separate backlight buttons W, A, S and D, an integrated USB port As well as provide a jack for headphones and microphone.
As for the bid, it is set to $ 50 for Razer Arctosa and $ 80 for the Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition. But in selling these products will appear in November and December, respectively.


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