Army of Two sequel called The 40th Day

March 10, 2009, 8:02 pm

army of two sequel called the 40th day   The mysterious source, which refers Joystiq, argues that the sequel game Army of Two will be called"Army of Two:The 40th Day. In the meantime, we suggest to read some of the perceived characteristics of the project:
  • The action takes place in Shanghai;
  • Heroes Rios (Rios) and Salem (Salem) return;
  • The game will be the moral dilemmas, complex system configuration of characters, many endings;
  • Multiplayer will be another company;
  • Some weapons will be able to beat through the barriers and shelter;
  • AI partner will become more realistic;
  • The game will be civil, which can be used as human shields.
Army of Two can be considered one of the most undervalued of games this generation. We hope that the sequel will be more successful.
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