Artificial Intelligence opens the laws of physics

April 5, 2009, 7:59 am

artificial intelligence opens the laws of physics   With many scientific experiments, the society is constantly looking for different patterns in the distribution of any data. In simple cases, where the distribution is described by a simple formula, in an array of numbers to recognize a law. But very often the definition of law distribution of the sequence of numbers is very difficult. Now, researchers will come to the aid of software developed by the staff of Cornell University.
The developed software tool allows you to automatically find a formula that describes the array obtained in the course of the experiment data. Earlier this was only the human brain is capable of, but now with this task and can handle computing system - you can talk about achieving progress towards the creation of artificial intelligence.
The process of law is as follows. First, the program uses close to a random combination of the basic mathematical operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Of course, the first programming equation wrong to describe the distribution of numbers. However, from the set of equations generated by artificial intelligence, some are more suitable. It was with them in the future, and the program is running, making changes that improve the accuracy of mathematical description of the array of numbers. This process is repeated until no more will receive the exact wording.
This approach is extremely powerful algorithm selection formulas. Even more importantly, the software is in demand today by researchers in fields such as cosmology, oceanography, population genetics, etc.


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