AsAP - 167-processor DSP-chip

April 23, 2009, 9:38 pm

   The group of developers from the University of California at Davis has announced a 167-processor chip AsAP. Have smaller sizes and is fully programmable chip can be used in many applications, although it belongs to a class of signal processor (DSP). High performance, compact and low performance of energy make it a candidate for use in a variety of devices, whether mobile phones, MP3-players, video equipment, automobile anti-lock braking systems, ultrasound or Magnetic medical devices.
The maximum operating frequency can reach AsAP 1, 2 GHz, but the best energy efficiency of the chip shows a few more low frequencies. For example, running optimally 12 chips can provide a total performance in Half operations per second, while consuming a maximum power of 7 Watts. According to the developers, AsAP wins from existing competitors of the time on battery power for 75 times, and performance - at 10. Order for production of chips the company has received STMicrotronics.
The developers also noted the availability and ease of programming the chip, allowing, for example, a fully compatible Wi-Fi-transmitters was carried out for three months by a single university student. The group has implemented several components based on AsAP, including Wi-Fi-receiver and video encoder formats H. 264.


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