ASRock ConRoe865PE:Core 2 Duo E7200, AGP 8x and DDR 400

January 25, 2009, 6:15 am

asrock conroe865pe:core 2 duo e7200, agp 8x and ddr 400asrock conroe865pe:core 2 duo e7200, agp 8x and ddr 400asrock conroe865pe:core 2 duo e7200, agp 8x and ddr 400asrock conroe865pe:core 2 duo e7200, agp 8x and ddr 400asrock conroe865pe:core 2 duo e7200, agp 8x and ddr 400 
asrock conroe865pe:core 2 duo e7200, agp 8x and ddr 400   Discovery. How it s made
Fans gradually upgrade trying to find a platform that can be called long. I bought every motherboard in the future, only the main components menyaesh system unit. But guess whether the motherboard, and serve to preserve the resources invested in it sometimes is not easy. Much depends on the manufacturer, how seriously he belongs to the support of its products. Today, introduce a single product, which was built on the basis of logic i865PE.
A bit of history, i865PE chipset was introduced in June 2003 and gained enormous popularity. The program to remove this set of logic was launched in late 2006. However ASRock, deciding to extend the life of their products based on the logic i865PE, provided their support for processor performance LGA 775. On one of these decisions and to be discussed today.
Motherboard ASRock ConRoe865PE combines interface support AGP 8x, DDR 400 memory type and LGA 775 socket. Moreover, except for work with 65-nm Core 2 Duo processors available, after updating the BIOS, to provide support for 45-nm chip Core 2 Duo E7200. Once again, the chipset released in 2003. The big surprise is that there is no need for the modernization of the food processor. We know that some boards are unable to ensure the efficiency of the new 45-nm processors.
So, armed with charges ASRock ConRoe865PE, video Albatron GeForce4 Ti4280 and DDR 400 memory, we decided to install a processor Core 2 Duo E7200. Nothing happened. The system does not start, came to the aid of a processor Celeron D326. It turned out that the BIOS version was proshita 1. 20, which was not able to work with 45-nm chips. Downloaded from the official version of the site 1. 70 and ask her, we were able to boot. It must be said that in order to work with processors that have a 1066 MHz bus, there must be the type of DDR 400 memory. The processor was correctly recognized by the system, although with a little nuance. Multiplier is set to 6x, while the processor is Core 2 Duo E7200 has a multiplier 9, 5h. No action BIOS settings are not correct the situation. Only the tires to increase the maximum allowable 300 MHz, will provide the frequency of 1, 8 GHz, instead of 2, 53 GHz.
The solution was found on the resource PC Treiber. A fellow was BIOS version 1. 71A, which supports the processor Core 2 Duo E7200. After the firmware, all came to their seats. Multiplier 9, 5h and the working frequency of 2, 53 GHz.
Once again, we waited for nuance, though perhaps it is related to a specific model of card, which proved to us. The revisions in the BIOS can not be maintained. In other words, to change anything in the BIOS is not possible. Do not increase the frequency of the tire, not to turn off unnecessary equipment. In any case, work with a Core 2 Duo E7200 achieved.
stable work motherboard ASRock ConRoe865PE chip Core 2 Duo E7200 gave hope to the possibility of installing a processor Core 2 Duo E8500. Focus is not passed, the system will not start. It may be that the board proshivkoy 1. 71A will be able to work with the Core 2 Duo processors E5HHH.
There are other than fans of the gradual upgrade another category of people - overklokery. For them, this fee, as ASRock ConRoe865PE, a company can make a good graphic cards with an AGP. For example, we were able to record on the graphics adapter Riva TNT2 Ultra discipline in 3DMark 2001.


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