Asset and liability:two graphics cards MSI GeForce 9400 GT

August 9, 2008, 6:29 pm

asset and liability:two graphics cards msi geforce 9400 gt 
asset and liability:two graphics cards msi geforce 9400 gt   Official Release video card NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT took place in early summer. Such a decision should be replaced, apparently, GeForce 8500 GT and be twice as productive than the GeForce 8400 GS. And allow him to do so next, 16 streaming processors, DDR2 memory with 128 - bit interface and 450/900/400 MHz frequency formula (kernel/Shader units/memory). In general anything new, if not take into account support for NVIDIA CUDA and PhysX.
site TweakTown Staff have reported that the company MSI informed them about their decisions based on the GeForce 9400 GT. New items will receive the title N9400GT-MD512H and N9400GT-MD256H, will vary the amount of local memory and cooling system. The elder model N9400GT-MD512H equipped with 512 MB of memory standard GDDR2 and active cooling system. Model N9400GT-MD256H as can be seen from the title will receive the memory twice and less passive cooling system.
An excellent solution is equipping graphics interface HDMI, plus a passive cooling system that still need for home medaitsentra. In addition, two DVI and VGA port will allow connect any of the existing monitors.
The famous Internet shopping Newegg at its virtual shelves posted proposal MSI N9400GT-MD512H. Based on the description of the device, we can say that the graphic chip will operate at relatively high frequency rated at 100 MHz. As a result, the frequency formula should look like - 550/1100/400 MHz.


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