Associated Press and 3DNews against theft of content

April 8, 2009, 12:16 pm

   The advent of the Internet has allowed all of its users to easily exchange a variety of content. At first it was normal text, then, with the development of broadband networks, it became possible to easily download any music track or a favorite movie. Naturally, in such a desperate situation, the issue of copyright protection - in recent years there have been several high-profile processes, but the level of software piracy in the world today is still very high.
The high technology and have contributed to the development of the media. The development of a global network of life has a large number of online publications, which are successfully competing with the usual newspapers and magazines. Indeed, with the Internet edition is virtually impossible to compete in speed - and more people learn about the latest news is from the Internet. However, the internet media has its share of problems - how to protect your content, how to stop its illegal use ? Indeed, the very specificity of the global network allows unscrupulous websites without any special problems of illegal use of content, thereby disposing of the traffic.
This may explain the recent statement by one of the world`s leading news agencies - Associated Press. Agency, together with the newspaper industry is planning to begin work on a system which allows to trace all those who have illegally used information from media sites. Associated Press set up very strongly - to be confirmed, you can quote chapter agency, William Dean Singleton (William Dean Singleton). We are damned angry, and do not intend to allow this more - these words were met with ovation.
These problems are familiar, and our editorial staff. Hundreds of resource use, our content is not without any rights. Deal with them is quite difficult, but possible. Let us hope that our readers as to the best of his ability will help us in this fight, let us know of any cases of theft of our content. You can also leave a message in the special topic of this forum.


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