ASTRA32 2. 02:Information on the PC

April 3, 2009, 7:35 am

astra32 2. 02:information on the pc   New version of ASTRA32. Its name stands for Advanced System Information Tool. Through the program, you can get full information about your computer hardware. The program is interesting that even displays the data on the undocumented features of the PC - on the motherboard, hard drive, RAM, CD/DVD-drives, monitors, graphics adapter, sound and network card, etc. ASTRA32 can also search for devices with unknown drivers , to check hard drives for reliability and display information about installed programs and updates for them.
In the latest version:
  • Added definition of processors Intel Lynnfield, AMD Opteron (Santa Rosa), AMD Athlon (Lima), AMD Athlon Neo, AMD Sempron Dual Core (Tyler), AMD Sempron ( Huron);
  • Added support for Insyde BIOS for Acer;
  • added a new command-line switch/C - to indicate a comment;
  • fixed hang programs on computers with Intel Core i7;
  • Fixed some minor bugs;
  • updated database program.
Developer:Sysinfo Lab. Distributed:shareware, 500 rubles. Operating System:Windows All Size 1, 6 MB, you can Download here.


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