ASUS DSL-N11:ADSL2/2 router with Wi-Fi 802. 11n

April 7, 2009, 9:03 am

asus dsl-n11:adsl2/2 router with wi-fi 802. 11n   The range of network equipment Taiwanese company ASUSTeK Computer has introduced a new ADSL-router DSL-N11, which concurrently serves as a wireless router with support for the draft specification of IEEE 802. 11n, and provides data on the Wi-Fi connection at speeds up to 300 Mbps.
New technology supports ADSL2 and ADSL2. Branded interface ASUS EZ UI, according to the manufacturer, is helping to simplify setup and management of the further device. Among the functions provided by ASUS EZ UI, there are Quick Internet Setup (QIS), Network Map, Dr. Surf and EZ Quality of Service.
QIS facilitates the process of connecting to the Internet by the ability to automatically detect local ADSL-settings (VPI, VCI, PPPoE, DHCP, PPPoA). Network Map shows the number of devices connected to wired and wireless networks, the status of WAN/LAN connection, information about the encryption of Wi-Fi network. Dr. Surf is designed to automatically detect different types of Internet connection and offers a diagnosis in real time. When a user can not connect to the Internet because of problems with the connection, instead of the standard browser error page router substitutes its own page with a description of potential problems and offer solutions. The function of EZ Quality of Service is designed to identify priorities, for example, call for VoIP-telephone or videoconferencing, which allows both comfortable to work immediately with several network applications.


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