ASUS Eee PC III - Ultimate Pro Fashion and for $ 700 - $ 900

June 6, 2008, 6:48 am

   Under the veil of last year, the giant computer industry, the Taiwanese company ASUSTeK Computer has taken the first step in the market budget sverhkompaktnyh laptops, now called netbukami. Pioneers of a new industry segment became netbuki Eee PC 700 series, which, let`s mention equipped processors Intel Celeron ULV (ultra-low voltage), runs at 800 MHz order, operational memory of 256 MB to 1 GB and varied wide communications capacities. The main disadvantages of such devices users carried small 7 - inch screen with a resolution of only 800 pixels х600, insufficient storage, also have been complaints at the keyboard, which enjoy because of its miniature size, it was not convenient for everyone.
Despite all these shortcomings, Eee PC first generation apart as hot cakes. But ASUS perfectly understood that rest on our laurels early - netbukov seeing success, other manufacturers have begun to correct the plans and actively develop cheaper versions of its mobile computers. Under pressure from the emerging competition and user requirements Taiwanese company by early summer released to the market netbuki nine hundredth series, which were corrected some of the key shortcomings of first-generation - diagonal display has been increased to 8, 9, 1024 permission was now х600 pixels, maximum capacity of disk space reached 20 Gb. Progress is evident, but the hardware platform remains the same, so the Eee PC 900 can be called a kind of interim solution and conditionally attributed to generation 1. 5.
The exhibition Computex 2008 announcement was a new wave netbukov. Now, in the range ASUS models emerged with a diagonal display up to 10, 2, hard drive capacity up to 80 GB, innovation has become a key platform jump to Intel Atom, which has increased the maximum time of autonomous work before 7, 5 h. These devices are available in the market today, can be safely attributed to the second generation.
But at this development Eee PC, of course, will not end. We have recently reported non secret slide presentation, ASUS disclose plans for the development netbukov ruler. Now, this information is received official confirmation thanks to President ASUSTeK Computer Shena Jerry (Jerry Shen).
Mr. Shen reiterated that until the end of 2008 there will be new on the market netbuki class and Ultimate Pro Fashion. According to him, the key features of new products will be dual-core processor Intel Atom, as well as more comprehensive disks up to 120 GB (and in some models SSD-capacity drives up to 32 GB).
ASUS president expressed hope that the company will be able to sell about 1, 5-1, 6 million Eee PC devices in the third quarter. If successful, annual sales could surpass netbukov ASUS cherished mark in the 5 million
As it became known models equipped with SSD-disks will go down in a series of S (according to published earlier slide, they will be called the S91 and S101 and will enter the segment Ultimate) and will be announced closer to the end of September this year. New items will receive 10, 1 - inch display with LED lighting and 16:9 ratio of the parties and their autonomous work will be 4-5 hours Industry observers noted that the most likely candidates for the production of 10, 1,"displays such a format are Taiwanese company Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) and Innolux Display.
According to Chen, S91 and S101 will be the first line of representatives Eee PC, oriented sector High-End. Their price will lie in the range of $ 700 to $ 900.
the question remains:what new generation can be attributed Eee PC ? In our view, new items may well jump interim index 2. 5, ASUS is very clearly separated from their predecessors, who were conditionally in the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid. So the third generation Eee PC is already on the threshold.


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