ASUS hopes with the help of Eee PC laptops to gain market in Japan

September 20, 2008, 12:42 pm

   The conclusion of the contract with a Japanese telecommunications company NTT Docomo to supply netbukov Eee PC, ASUS plans in 2009 to join the list of the five largest producers of notebook PCs in Japan .
At the moment ruler Eee PC is 85% of total sales ASUS in the country. In the fourth quarter of this year, the company plans to increase the supply of netbukov by 70% and full-text laptops - 30%.
According to the report Business Computer News during the first half of 2008, ASUS has sold 85 thousand Eee PC in Japan. In July, it sold 45 thousand netbukov, while in August - already 58 thousand. As a result, the total number of razoshedshihsya in the country of the rising sun Eee PC in the first eight months since their sales amounted to 188 thousand units.
8, 9-inch model Eee PC901-X and 7-inch Eee PC 4G-X took first and second lines in the ranking of laptops that have cost less than 100 thousand yen (about 946, $ 5). The overall netbukov sales of two accounted for 70, 5% of the total number of systems listed in the list.
For comparison:netbuk company Acer Aspire One satisfied by 9% and third place in the ranking, and MSI U100 - 8% and fourth position. Model Mini-Note to Hewlett-Packard is only the sixth row in the list.


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