ASUS:new version Radeon HD 4870 with a cooler and enhanced nutritional Glaciator

September 4, 2008, 10:37 am

asus:new version radeon hd 4870 with a cooler and enhanced nutritional glaciatorasus:new version radeon hd 4870 with a cooler and enhanced nutritional glaciatorasus:new version radeon hd 4870 with a cooler and enhanced nutritional glaciator 
asus:new version radeon hd 4870 with a cooler and enhanced nutritional glaciator   Vernyh adherents product AMD, concerned about purchasing the accelerator Radeon HD 4850 or 4870 can be divided into two unequal parts. Most of them decided to acquire a first wave of graphics cards with the reference design. Most impatient fans mark Radeon not be worried flow unflattering feedback on the standard cooling and rather hard-temperature accelerators. The remaining supporters of AMD fferedig number of potential buyers in anticipation of alternative versions of Radeon HD 4850/4870, hoping the absence of weaknesses inherent in the standard models. Therefore, each news of the emergence of graphics cards with disabilities in the design meets with great interest.
At the joy of a patient fans with AMD ASUS company prepared to release a new model of video card Radeon HD 4870. As producer on the site of the new items is not yet published, will get acquainted with her on the description and photos provided by STCOM, which is a major distributor of ASUS in South Korea. Detailed images accelerator, a source EAH4870 D5, can tell many interesting things.
For cooling graphic kernel RV770 engineers used VGA-cooler Glaciator Fansink. I want to believe that the development of ASUS, well known for other products Taiwanese manufacturer, will prove more efficient and quieter cooling system standard. Recall that this cooler is equipped with several graphics cards on AMD chips and NVIDIA, in particular, EAH4850 with 1 GB of memory, EN9600GT Black Pearl, EAH3850 OC GEAR and EN8800GT TOP.
Videobufer volume of 512 Mb chips recruited GDDR5 production Qimonda. Memory chips do not have their own radiator and cooled air flow generated by Cooling fan Glaciator Fansink. Special mention should be part of graphics card power. In ASUS went on the road developers Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic, Gainward Radeon HD 4870, PowerColor Radeon HD 4870 PCS and increased the number of channels catering graphic chip with 3 to 4. One must believe this approach will reduce the load on each of the phases and will reduce heating force elements. Judging from photographs, with their cooling must cope small radiator. With respect to the memory, she eats from the two-phase converter, like models with standard design.
Despite the dramatic changes in the cooling phase and the presence of additional nutritional graphic kernel, the developers of ASUS chose not to engage in acceleration. The working frequency of the new accelerator correspond to the standard Radeon HD 4870 values - 750/900 (3600) MHz. It should also be noted that all electrolytic capacitors graphics card ASUS EAH4870 D5 belong to a class of solid, which means better resistance to high temperature and much greater lifespan.
Unfortunately, the source had no information about the date announcements, the sales and cost of a new accelerator. Let us hope that very soon the first owners of the new version Radeon HD 4870 in its comments on forums to answer questions about how successfully VGA-cooler Glaciator Fansink copes with cooled graphics card, what its temperature and disperse potential.
The main characteristics of video cards ASUS EAH4870 D5:
  • graphic chip:Radeon HD 4870 (RV770);
  • chip production technology:55 nm;
  • number of streaming processors:800 ;
  • kernel frequency:750 MHz;
  • volume and type of memory:512 MB GDDR5;
  • memory bus width:256 bits;
  • frequency memory:900 (3600) MHz;
  • video:2 x Dual-Link DVI, S-Video (HDTV-output);
  • graphical Bus:PCI Express 2. 0;
  • cooling system:ASUS Glaciator Fansink.


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