ASUS prepares netbuk for $ 200 by 2009

November 3, 2008, 10:03 am

   Of the financial report of ASUSTeK Computer for the third quarter suggests that the most profitable for her release remain mobile devices, including laptops (47% of total revenue), netbuki Eee PC (22%), pocket-size gadgets (2%). Video and boards together in the structure of income accounted for only 19% of the remaining products account for about 10%.
In the first half of the year, the Taiwanese manufacturer had sold 2, 5 million notebook PCs in the third quarter - 1, 7 million, but in the current quarter ASUS hopes to sell another 1, 9 million, bringing its annual sales could reach an impressive mark 6 million . Excellent growth shows a young business netbukov. In the third quarter, it sold 1, 7 million mobile computers Eee PC, the expected volume of sales in the fourth quarter of 1, 8 million Thus, for the year ASUS may sell 5 million Eee PC, nearly as much as laptops.
elated by the successes ASUSTeK Computer builds even more ambitious plans for next year. The chairman of the board of directors and CEO ASUS Johnny Sy (Jonney Shih) believes that the total number of laptops and netbukov in 2009 would be 20 million ASUS hopes to sell in 2009 to 7, 5 million netbukov and thus capture 30% of the market. Also, Mr. Sy said the company plans to continue to reduce prices on its netbuki and release in the next year budget model Eee PC costing only $ 200.
is interesting to note a few interesting moments. According to ASUS, netbuki with hard disks accounted for 70% of total sales, while models with SSD - just 30%. Ratio of netbukov with this Windows XP and Linux is about 7:3. In addition, watching the rising interest in the 10-inch models, Johnny Sy concluded that 7 - and 8, 9-inch netbuki eventually leave the battlefield.


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