ATI RV870 - the productivity of 1, 5 Tflops and 40-nm tehprotsess

October 29, 2008, 5:09 am

   Industry of integrated circuits very different purpose today is moving towards an increasingly thin tehprotsessy and developers of graphics processors are trying to keep abreast of world trends. This fact provides additional opportunities for competition that showed production of 55-nm videochipov RV770, have been very successful in terms of cost and productivity, compared with 65-nm GT200. Next qualitative leap is only in 2009, when the sale should occur graphics card based on 40-nm chips RV870, or Lil Dragon - the first 40-nm videochipe company AMD.
Interestingly, the data on the timing of exit devices vary widely - previously a target date of release cited mid-2009, but new information suggests a possible willingness to 40-nm chips as early as the end of the first quarter of that year. That is, in the middle of spring, you can expect the first images of engineering samples videochipov and the first details about the actual performance graphics beginner. But it is still worth adhere to the version that first commercial RV870-products will be on sale in summer 2009.
By this time the public had only scant details about a possible new items coming in productivity, but because of resource ATI Forum, we have additional, albeit unofficial information about the RV870 processors and graphics cards based on them. To begin with a look subsystem memory cards - the developers are likely to set a goal of a capacity of 150 - 160 gigabytes per second. To achieve such figures engineers are likely to install circuit boards Products standard GDDR5, operating at a frequency of about 5 GHz, a width of the tire memory of 256 bits. If you use less high-speed chips, the width should be increased to 512 bits. For which of the two proposed routes would be developers, is not yet entirely clear.
Theoretical capacity RV870 graphics processor to reached the mark of 1, 5 Tflops that 1, 2 times higher performance chip RV770. To that end, AMD plans to equip members of chips Shader four additional clusters, composed forty Shader units and two textured block.
is the most interesting and intriguing is the possibility of issuing a statement based on the RV870 dual decisions - two graphics core will be located in a single shell (MCM-layout, Multi-Chip Module). Such an approach should somewhat simplify the design of printed circuit boards and cooling systems, it likely will not require the use of additional integrated circuit that plays as a bridge between the two processors.
finally compares the size of image videochipov RV870, his predecessor in the face and RV770 chip-monster GeForce GTX260/280. Thus, the area of the forthcoming 40-nm chips AMD will be 205 square meters. mm, which is not only almost three times smaller than the size of GT200, but below the parameter for RV770 - 256 square meters. mm - despite the increased complexity of the processor. That`s what it means to switch to a new tehprotsess !


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