ATI Stream Computing:second coming

November 13, 2008, 7:53 am

ati stream computing:second comingati stream computing:second comingati stream computing:second comingati stream computing:second comingati stream computing:second coming 
ati stream computing:second coming   The rapid development of computer industry graphics processors (GPU) last generation become a powerful computing devices. Manufacturers of gaming accelerators insistently convince us that their modern design successfully cope not only with processing of image data, but also with any other resource intensive tasks that can be used during the well. It is stated that compared to the central processing unit (CPU) graphics chips in some cases may show ten times greater productivity.
Fortunately, the idea of graphics card to adapt to irregular computation is not only in words. About two years ago, the company announced AMD and NVIDIA CUDA technology, and ATI Stream Computing. In addition, an extensive campaign to publicize its development among manufacturers of hardware and software. However, future technologies, their viability and attractiveness to end users depends not only on cooperation in industrial circles. Much decides the quality of the PR-divisions and relations with the press. So too was that it is now more on hearsay hardware and software architecture NVIDIA CUDA. But AMD is not sitting idly by, and are increasingly engaged in the promotion of its own design.
Today, AMD shed light on recent advances in the work on the ATI Stream Computing. Under the banner of massive supercomputer arrived ! Developers unveil a new piece of information, and once again promised a bright future as professionals working with the accelerators classes FireStream or FirePro, and a simple user in the system unit which set a modern graphics card from a family of Radeon.
One of the first supercomputers Cray-1, built in 1975, allows for a total computing power of about 0, 0008 teraflops. While today only one on the popular video game graphics processor Radeon HD 4870 has a capacity of at least 1, 2 teraflops. Let us recall that the computer Cray-1 cost of the creators of 9 million dollars, was one large room and consumed 150 kWh of energy. In turn, Radeon HD 4870 is worth about $ 300, occupies two expansion slots in the system unit and consumes about 160 Watts at maximum load.
The company AMD is providing several key aspects of computing technology streaming ATI Stream Computing. Among them - a balanced work graphics and central processors, the opportunity to accelerate the most demanding applications to date, focusing on open standards, the establishment and expansion of new market outlook for AMD and its partners.
company pays special attention to the practical benefit in terms of a simple user. ATI Stream Computing technology should be broadly applied, especially in handling multimedia data. Using computer graphics resources significantly accelerates the work of many popular applications for editing video, sound and images. In addition, in the near future of computing is scheduled streaming technology significantly improve the speed performance of some resource functions of the operating system or office applications, for example, the search function. But do not forget the application of ATI Stream Computing in gaming applications. Its capabilities allow developers to computer games to raise special effects and artificial intelligence characters to a new qualitative level.
Go to the most interesting. Leaving the first driver with support for ATI Stream Computing is scheduled for 10 December. This will be a software package, ATI Catalyst 8. 12. The owners of graphics cards from Radeon HD 4000 series can first try out the possibility of streaming technology calculations. It is estimated AMD, these users has more than 2 million is reported that after installing the drivers Catalyst 8. 12 significantly speed up the work videokonvertera ATI Avivo Video Converter.
As for other software products that are adapted to the technology of AMD, their number is constantly growing. To date list of companies that have endorsed the concept of ATI Stream Computing, headed by Microsoft, Adobe, CyberLink and ArcSoft. We know that soon support for hardware acceleration using graphics cards receive such popular applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Flash 10, Adobe After Effects CS4, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater, CyberLink PowerDirector 7.
reported passing that the next version of the free and open toolkit for developers ATI Stream SDK 1. 3 should go in the current quarter. Specialists from AMD say the inclusion in the list of accelerators several new models:FireStream 9270, Radeon HD 4670, HD 4550, HD 4350 and promised a significant increase in the speed of the compiler Brook.


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