Audi has updated electronic stuffing their cars

April 23, 2008, 8:30 pm

audi has updated electronic stuffing their cars 
audi has updated electronic stuffing their cars   Company Audi introduced an improved version of its electronic system MMI, which is designed to install a new bar in the field of multimedia entertainment solutions for cars. The first testing ground for it was the Audi A8 luxury sedan a new generation, but later the system will also be available for another two car model lines - Audi A6 and Audi Q5.
Designers tried to take account of all the little things that can affect the user-friendly system. In the new version appeared MMI vosmipozitsionny innovative joystick, which according to the creators, is highly accurate management and the quality of performance.
New uses all the latest achievements of high-tech industry. Near the control unit, littered with various buttons and switches, located quite large 7 - inch TFT-LCD with LED lighting and resolution of 800 pixels 480.
The use of large screen makes navigation more convenient. As in previous versions of MMI, the user has the choice between the two main modes of display cards - a traditional two-dimensional and three-dimensional best. On the approach to transport interchanges Navigator displays arrow indicating the possible directions of movement. It also evaluates the way in which the minimum number will be spent fuel.
If the user wants to specify the items of the votes, then vygovarivat their names on the letters was no longer required. The database system includes a large number of words in different languages, which successfully recognized entirely through the use of new technology. Also improved phone book, which can store up to 5000 contacts, each of which accommodates up to five rooms.
Entertaining the possibility of a new system is also at altitude. To view the film provides a built-DVD-player that supports 5. 1-channel audio withdrawal in accordance with the standard Dolby Digital. In addition to the video player reproduces formats MP3, AAC, WMA. Viewing multimedia can also flash cards with SD. To listen to digital audio broadcasting is a DAB-tuner.
The modular design allows the system to install an additional CD-Changers or analog/digital television receiver. In addition, shoppers can choose the audio subsystem for his taste. For example, a music fan can order the installation of audio from the famous Danish producer Bang


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