Audio-Technica W5000:Headphones for 27, 000 rubles

October 31, 2008, 8:03 pm

audio-technica w5000:headphones for 27, 000 rubles 
audio-technica w5000:headphones for 27, 000 rubles   Engineers Audio-Technica most recently submitted to the Russian market a new model of headphones W5000. Novelty has a double damping system, have voice coils of copper and bezkislorodnoy permendurovy circuit design loudspeakers.
Ogolove with headphones W5000 is made of magnesium alloy. Noise reduction and comfort when listening to music provided leather ambushyury, skintight ushnuyu shell. To improve the acoustic characteristics in the manufacture of cups W5000 model was used polished ebony. Separately worth mentioning that for more convenience in operation W5000 situation emitters are regulated in the three planes.
The set of headphones has boxing, reminiscent of a metal suitcase from the outside and soft inside the bag. This device protects W5000 from moisture, dirt and damage. Recommended retail price model is 27000 rubles.
The characteristics of W5000:
  • Frequency range:5 - 45, 000 Hz;
  • Impedance:40 ohms;
  • Sensitivity:102 dB/mW;
  • diameter membrane:53 mm;
  • Weight:340 g.


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