Australian guglofon:cheap surprise Christmas

November 8, 2008, 3:21 pm

   Over the past few days on Network raspolzlis rumors that one small Australian company is preparing to release its mobile phone platform based on Google Android. Who could have been, until recently remained only guess, but now the situation clarified.
The company Kogan with headquarters in Melbourne officially announced plans to start selling in its first guglofon for Christmas holidays. According to preliminary information, news release will be held closer to mid-December. Characteristics of the phone has not yet been notified, but already knows that its price will not exceed $ 200 mark. It is possible that this is not an American, and Australian dollar. In this case, the price of the phone is less than $ 140 dollars.
Notably, the name for the new device, according to the representative of the company Kogan, yet not think of any. Meanwhile, active members of the Internet community is already podkinula developers a lot of ideas, including such names as KPhone, Koogle, K1 (similar to T-Mobile G1) and many others.


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