Avant Browser 11. 7:free browser

September 10, 2008, 6:24 pm

   New version of free browser Avant Browser. This programme attracts a large number of additional features, including built has pop-up blocker, a filter to block flash files on web pages, search the popular search engine, a module for reading RSS/ATOM, traces of the cleaner on the Internet. The program has convenient functions work with web pages:one click, you can stop downloading all the pages simultaneously, update them, or close pereuporyadochivat. The browser has a system recovery, thus to the sudden closure as a result of mistakes the next time open all the pages. The program has Russian-language interface.
The latest version submitted to the allocation of the address bar, corrected the error.
Developer:Avant Force Distribution:free operating system:Windows All Size 2 MB download can be here.


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