AVTOSPUTNIK responsible for elochny Bazaar

December 26, 2008, 11:57 am

   The other day in Moscow began working places selling Christmas trees. The company`s specialists Navigation System decided to make its customers a surprise New Year and identified points of sale on the map of Moscow. Now the owners of the navigation program AVTOSPUTNIK 3. 2 can podkachat in your browser festive set of POI, which contains information on points of sales of natural trees in Moscow. In total, the new additional set of POI - more than 240 official Christmas street collapse.
Update is available free to registered users of the service, using any map of Moscow region. AVTOSPUTNIK Users can automatically update its own set of POI online directly from the device via the mobile Internet (eg via GPRS, 3G etc. ). For owners of devices on which the device is not connected to the Internet, it is possible to update the database of points of interest in hand:to download a file with a set of objects with the portal AVTOSPUTNIK.
To find the nearest point of trade in New Year trees, the user browser or PDA with AVTOSPUTNIK should write in the search for elochny Bazaar and determine the distance that he was ready to travel to buy a holiday tree.


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