What awaits us in demoversii Final Fantasy XIII ?

January 21, 2009, 4:57 pm

what awaits us in demoversii final fantasy xiii ? 
what awaits us in demoversii final fantasy xiii ?   In a recent issue of Famitsu magazine published an extremely interesting interview with the producer, who is working on creating nebezyzvestnoy Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII). In an interview with reporters developer elaborated on the description of the forthcoming demoversii project.
The head of the opinion that in the near future his team will be able to complete work on Final Fantasy XIII. He also hopes that the PS3 will be able to become more popular, but that, in his view, the need to produce more interesting games. Staff Famitsu think FFXIII just be able to cope with this task
In the future, developers eventually stopped to talk exclusively about the saver and will go directly to geympleyu. Speaking about the demo FFXIII, the producer said that its users to talk about the main features of the gameplay, including a brand new combat system.
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As a bonus to announce that the network has opened an official website SaGa 2 (Final Fantasy Legend 2). While there is nothing particularly interesting, apart from the presence of a great musical theme.
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