Base earthmen StarCraft 2 becomes a robot

April 3, 2009, 6:12 pm

base earthmen starcraft 2 becomes a robotbase earthmen starcraft 2 becomes a robot 
base earthmen starcraft 2 becomes a robot   The company Blizzard has always pleased us better pervoaprelskimi jokes, but this time the company has clearly surpassed herself. Official site strategy StarCraft 2 a page devoted to giant Unit Tera-Tron.
perfectly wonderful idea (though not very original):base supposedly earth can turn into a huge robot that flies, from the stomach produces fighters, cut all around the laser plasma and a special saw. Each action is accompanied by behemoth wonderful phrases like All your base are belong to us. The voice of the robot remarkably similar to Optimusa Prime. On the site you can even find a few videos where the Colossus appears in action.
Unfortunately, this is just a joke. It is unlikely that Blizzard seriously expects the unit to insert a giant in its strategy.
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