On the basis of action Blacklight withdraw the film and make a comic

March 19, 2009, 1:39 pm

on the basis of action blacklight withdraw the film and make a comic   The company Zombie Studios entered into a contract with Fox Atomic (Fox Filmed Entertainment) contract for the creation of film, comics and video games based on franchises Blacklight.
The original intellectual property was invented Zombie Studios. Blacklight - is an innovative military action, which unfolds in the future (25 years). The authors take on the idea of the game, and Fox Atomic will take care of creating comic books and movies.
Movie and game will be based on the story, written by Jason Dean Hall (Jason Dean Hall), who works with Dreamworks and Universal. In all branches of the media, the franchisee will be involved with the same characters. Date of release of different products associated with the Blacklight, is not yet known.
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