The Bat ! 4. 1. 7:Update почтовика

January 4, 2009, 2:44 pm

the bat ! 4. 1. 7:update ?????????   The company released a new version RITLabs почтовика The Bat ! The program has a built module encryption of messages using PGP, antispamovy filter, filtration system and a host of other opportunities. Among the features of The Bat !, So that the program has continued success with multiple users, can be called an excellent job with Cyrillic encodings, manager of letters in which you can manage messages without downloading them to work with an unlimited number of email accounts, a convenient tool for viewing sent by e-mail photos, support for virtual folders.
The main functional innovation The Bat ! 4. 1 were HTML-templates. In the process of creating a new version of HTML-communications has been simplified by the fact that templates can contain not only text, but the attributes and formatting, pictures, wallpapers, lining, tables and other elements of HTML-mails.
Since version 4. 0, The Bat ! has been encoded in Unicode messages. Version 4. 1 Unicode appeared in templates that can contain any characters, and combine all the scripts immediately. Users can, for example, to create patterns in the English language using the Cyrillic letters, and vice versa.
Improvements have also occurred in the file system, The Bat !. In the new version has no restrictions on the size of each folder with messages imposed The Bat !. The upper threshold for the volume of messages in the file is determined only by the capacity of the hard disk. For FAT-drives the maximum amount of one folder is 2GB, the owners of the same NTFS-disks are free from any restrictions on the size of folders messages.
In The Bat ! 4. 1 process of backup and recovery has become more reliable, fast and convenient. This was made possible through changes in the format of the file backup. The new format greatly improves the reliability of backup. In addition, the new algorithm works with the files several times speed up the backup process and the restoration of postal information.
In the new version, you can back up individual folders, and restore from the archive folder selected, keeping only the important information and not wasting time on the secondary message. In conclusion, the backup can be a reliable algorithm to encrypt and password protection RC2. In doing so, you need to remember that if the password is forgotten, recover data from an encrypted backup file will not be possible.
In The Bat ! 4. 1 has been enhanced to work through a proxy server, as well as realized timestamp, which can be set at the time of the formation of digital signatures. While working with S/MIME, users were able to create four types of certificates:only to sign, only for encryption, signature and encryption, and to sign the certificate. In addition, the new version of the program can use the Windows Address Book to store certificates with TLS.
Developer:RITLABS Distribution:shareware, to $ 35 Operating system:Windows All Size 18, 9 MB Download from here you can.


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