Battle with the boss in the urban action Infamous

May 1, 2009, 1:57 pm

   Gametrailers razzhilsya another video related to the heroic action Infamous. At this time, the developers give us an opportunity to look at the battle with a huge boss at the half-bridge. Scenery is very reminiscent of action Bionic Commando - a lot hanging in the air structures, some poles, etc. The main character is easy to cope with all obstacles.
Infamous became a kind of mixes of Crackdown and Assassin s Creed. On the one hand, there is a super-hero, who can make good or bad deeds, independently creating their own destiny. On the other - a chic city, similar to the City of Gotem comics about Batman. A lot of beautiful buildings in which our hero free lazaet. The presence of several other interesting findings of design, but overall the game seemed secondary. Especially next to the bleeding sandbox Prototype.
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Here is another amusing movie Infamous.

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