BDZ-A750 and the BDZ-A950 BD:new Blu-ray processors from Sony

March 29, 2009, 8:09 am

bdz-a750 and the bdz-a950 bd:new blu-ray processors from sony   In April, the Japanese company Sony is planning to launch sales of new Blu-ray players BDZ-A750 and the BDZ-A950, which can burn BD-ROMs, as well as equipped with embedded hard drives.
Both models support the work with the video service Tsutaya TV and acTVila VOD. Obtained from the network content can be redirect to portable gaming consoles PSP. Also supported the work with DLNA-compatible devices.
New items are equipped with digital and analog TV tuners and supports branded technology CREAS HD, which allows you to record video in formats MPEG2/1, MPEG4 AVC directly to a hard drive or optical drive. BDZ-A750 is equipped with 320-GB hard drive, and the BDZ-A950 has a 500-GB drive.
On the pricing information yet.


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