Best computer interfaces:Past, Present, Future

April 9, 2009, 12:52 pm

   Command Prompt. One of the first instruments by which the management of computer systems, has become the command line. Appeared in 50 years last year, the interface is much easier and faster by then-existing management tools computer:punched cards and punched tape. The main advantage of the command line was the ability to display the data immediately after their entry. However, use the command line, it was impossible until the first video terminals. In the 80 years of the last century began widespread use of graphical user interfaces, but still the command line is used to manage computer systems, including personal computers.
A computer mouse. Developed more than forty years ago, Douglas Engelbartom manipulator has become an extremely popular addition to the computer keyboard. Worth while to mention the fact that without the use of mice has proved virtually impossible to implement GUI in the form which they are represented today in the vast majority of operating systems. Despite the fact that today there are hundreds of versions of a computer mouse, the basic principle of their work, founded a decade ago, remains the same.
Tachpad. Despite fierce competition tachpad it become one of the most popular tools for the management of computers, especially in the case of mobile systems, where each of the products currently on the market for devices equipped with the obligatory touch pad. What is equally important - tachpad became the prototype for today`s most popular touch displays, which spread into all types of mobile electronics:from laptops to mobile phones and multimedia players.
Multisensorny display. Most people associate the emergence multisensornyh displays with the advent of devices such as mobile phone, iPhone or Microsoft Surface. However, the technology was developed long before their release - debut multisensornyh displays is the emergence of the computer HP-150 in 1983. However, since the special moves in this area were observed. Exit ayfona revived interest in this type of management computer systems, and in the near future the number of vehicles equipped with multisensornymi displays a sharp increase. Already, many manufacturers of mobile phones produce relevant news on the world market, and it is quite possible that technology will soon come before personal computers.
Recognizing gestures. The basis of this method are easy control of computer system a variety of sensors:magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscopes. With their help, the unit is able to determine speed and direction of movement of arm in space, and identifying ways to react to incoming information. The potential of such a method for controlling the computer demonstrated the emergence of market gaming consoles Wii, which has become almost a popular traditional game prefixes. Gradually, the technology is included and in everyday electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, players, etc. More often than not in this case sensors are used to determine the orientation of the device in space and automatically change the mode of display - from portrait to panorama, and vice versa.
The power feedback. While this type of connection, a computer and a human being is only the beginning of its development - it is about some Gaming, bringing some realism to the game by incorporating mode of vibration in the critical cases for the player:vanishing with the track, falling into the plane of bullets or shells, etc. More serious is the use of such technology in the automotive industry, where information on the dangers of space vibrations transmitted to the driver pedals. But progress does not stand still - the technology is beginning to use feedback in different simulators, including health care, which is important not only visual information, but also tactile.
Speech Recognition. It is still not very advanced technical computing systems management technology has the widest field of application. This control of the vehicle, personal computers, smart home electronics, and even robots. To this way of management rights is the most appropriate - his entire life, we talk to ourselves like, through voice communication and easy to learn and manage this computer. With regard to translating the dream into reality, in this direction are active, in particular, Google has already released in the past year, software to manage mobile phones iPhone voice. Another such program was the Vlingo, which allows the user to nachityvat messages to the same phone iPhone. However, before full-scale application of technology should be significant increase in mental abilities of computers.
supplemented with reality. This type of interface is a hybrid between real and virtual worlds - the real objects of fixing computer automatically carries out the procedure for their detection and gives the user a set of information describing them. As an example of the usefulness of this approach is the trip to an unfamiliar city and its study. In this case, looking at the world through the display of a mobile phone, the user would receive a full package of information about the surrounding buildings. Despite all fantasticality ideas, it has already been reflected in the software - Mobile Augmented Reality Application (MARA) and Wikitude, designed for use with mobile phones. But before the widespread dissemination of technology necessary to enhance the ability of artificial intelligence in pattern recognition, the integration of a wide range of systems, including GPS, wireless networks for reception/transmission of data, telephone equipment system of sensors. However, the insurmountable difficulties are not foreseen.
Interface linked to spatial orientation. These interfaces can be considered as a supplement to the previous type of interfaces, ie, allowing the user to obtain additional information about the surrounding world, but this time based solely on data from Global Positioning Systems. This would not only easy to navigate in space, but also provide a range of interesting services, like entertainment, and more prosaically. For example, tell the user about the time of the approach the bus or train to a halt, at which it is located. An interesting application was developed for the Google Android platform program SafetyNet, which offers users information about unwanted visits to places of a city. Ezhela avoiding visits does not succeed, it activates a system of rapid reporting of the rescue and/or public order in case of force majeure situations.
brain-computer interface. The most advanced management tool, without exception, all types of computing systems. He should have come in the future to replace the voice control, however, as well as all the rest of the crane, including the hardware (keyboard, mouse, etc. ). With a touch of a computer management will be implemented by force of thought is not yet entirely clear, but the brain will detect human activity - the principle of their work is already known, it is based on modern encephalography. However, the first advances in this area already have - a specialist company Honda was able to establish a control system the robot Asimo force of thought, but in this case has not even hint at the size of the control system.


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