Bethesda patented TV Fallout

April 21, 2009, 7:33 pm

bethesda patented tv fallout   Staff Site Dwell On It noted that in February 2009, the company Bethesda Softworks issued a very interesting trademark to protect their right to create a television program titled Fallout. It seems you do not need to specify particular, what is at stake.
Note that the registration of the trademark does not mean that the company immediately skooperiruetsya with a studio and begin creating a new television product, similar to a not too well-known TV series Jeremiah. Most likely, the company simply wants to secure a tyly and make sure that no enterprising dealers do not want to cash in on famous brands.
Of course, I would like to hope that Bethesda will be taken for the production of truly original TV show. She could get a nice television, film or even a cartoon.


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