Billionaires the world:Bill Gates once again the first

March 14, 2009, 9:11 am

billionaires the world:bill gates once again the first   Forbes magazine (Forbes) has traditionally made up a list of the richest people in the world as a result of last year. It should be noted that the global financial crisis has significantly reduced the number of people, the state of which is estimated over a billion dollars. According to Forbes is now on the planet 793 billionaire, while last year there were 1125 people. The leader of the list was the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates (Bill Gates). Despite the fact that his condition was reduced by $ 18 billion, the remaining $ 40 billion enough to circumvent Baffetta Warren (Warren Buffett). Sam Baffett because of the crisis have lost $ 25 billion, and its capital is now $ 37 billion Mexican telemagnat Elu Carlos Slim (Carlos Slim Helu) also became poorer by $ 25 billion and rolled down to third place.
As for Russia, the number of billionaires in our country has declined from 55 to 32 people. The most extensive was the Russian Mikhail Prokhorov. Owner Oneksim groups estimate Forbes owns movable and immovable property, valued at $ 9, 5 billion Prominent businessman Roman Abramovich and Vagit Alikperov hold respectively second and third place among the billionaires-countrymen. Interestingly, 44 people from among the richest people in the world in spite of the crisis have been able to increase his fortune. In the vast majority of these owners trade retailers.


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