Biography chip AMD RV790 ceased, and not started

November 19, 2008, 5:37 am

biography chip amd rv790 ceased, and not started   Fans of products AMD, closely tracking the news, confident that their favorite company has not ignored the translation of graphic chip NVIDIA GT200 in the 55-nm and tehprotsess to upgrade graphics cards GeForce GTX 260/280 answer issuance of a new kernel RV790. Isolated rumors have formed the view that this will be an improved version of videochipa RV770, issued on the same 55-nm technology. There were no significant architectural and functional changes are foreseen. It is expected only slight improvement in the frequency capacity by refining the design and layout of the chip.
could continue strictly to believe rumors about the imminent arrival of a successor RV770, if not for recent publication on the website ATI-Forum. de. Referring to sources close to productive partners AMD, German commentators argue that the combined company next plans to redesign simple videochipa RV770 never displayed, and to produce a product called RV790, it is not going to. Consequently, if the sides do not share German officials set a goal to preserve the confidentiality of graphic roadmap AMD or misinform the rival camp, the next crucial game update line Radeon happen only next year, when a videochip new generation RV870.
In addition, go back again to the issue of 55-nm version of the kernel GT200, known under the code name GT206. Chinese website confirmed the hypothesis that the video card based on 55-nm videochipa will be familiar names GeForce GTX 260 and GTX 280 rather than the new GeForce GTX 270 and GTX 290 as previously thought. Apparently, the main technical characteristics of accelerators remain the same. The level of energy and accelerated the potential is certainly improved. Updated flagship products available in retail sales in the next month. Replacement of aging models based on 65-nm versions of the chip GT200 will occur gradually as the depletion of stocks.
reported also that not so long ago, the company NVIDIA authorized production partners to produce their own modifications of accelerators in a series GeForce GTX 200. Flooding the market with alternative solutions will begin at the beginning of next year. California company hopes that with the emergence of innovative models GeForce GTX 260/280 its fighting efficiency in a price war with AMD markedly improved. It should also help increase their market share. By the way, according to the analytical agency Jon Peddie Research (JPR), in the third quarter of this year NVIDIA had ceded to AMD about 5% of the market video game, allowing the main competitor to bring its market share to a record 40%.


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