Birthday Bluetooth 3. 0 - 21 Apr, 2009

April 13, 2009, 6:31 am

   Interface wireless data transmission today, Bluetooth is supported by an overwhelming majority of mobile and portable electronic devices, especially cell phones. However, its field of application is often limited to the exchange of information between the headset and the phone - are widely used interface for transferring large amounts of data does not allow its low bandwidth.
This shortcoming will be deprived of the standard Bluetooth 3. 0, which previously had the mark Bluetooth UWB, - its capacity will be at least eighteen times higher than those prevailing today, the standard Bluetooth 2. 1 EDR. Maximum data transfer rate for the latter is 3 Mbps.
It was reported that the specifications the new standard of wireless transmission of data to be released a group of Bluetooth SIG, the focal development of Bluetooth, 21 April this year.
As for the high-speed performance is Bluetooth 3. 0, there is a significant factor affecting the speed of information transfer, will be the distance at which to transfer data. At a distance of several meters, the speed of transmission will increase to 480 Mbit/s, which is comparable with high-speed Wireless Interface Wireless USB. During the process of transmitting information over a distance of up to 10 meters, the speed of data exchange will not fall below 53, 3 Mbps, and average value will be the figure of 100 Mbps.
While reliable data on the timing of the transition of mobile phones on a new standard for data transfer Bluetooth 3. 0 no. Previously, beginning in 2010 to expect the emergence of devices that support provided by technology, not worth it. However, the increase in the functionality of phones, smartphones and communicators (here you can specify at the increasing resolution of the phone fotosensorov) requires the widespread introduction of a fast and easy to use standard wireless data transfer. From this point of view, Bluetooth 3. 0 shall wait for the future generally accepted standard of information exchange, which today is less than a high-speed Bluetooth 2. 1.


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