Bloodhound SSC - comes a new speed record

October 24, 2008, 12:29 pm

bloodhound ssc - comes a new speed recordbloodhound ssc - comes a new speed recordbloodhound ssc - comes a new speed recordbloodhound ssc - comes a new speed record 
bloodhound ssc - comes a new speed record   To date, the record speed of the car is 1230 km/h, it is a unique achievement in the race car Thrust SSC in 1997, equipped with two jet engines, which are usually used in a military aircraft. How long will live record so far is difficult to say, but the first real attempt will be made in the next few years. The fact is that the Lord Dreyson officially announced the start of the project Bloodhound, in which the car will be built at the rocket-drawn, capable of speeds of 1, 4 Mach, which double the speed of normal passenger jet airliner, and even faster than the maximum speed of some combat aircraft.
The project is funded by the British Ministry of Defense, and the car should be a pinnacle of design genius, because its maximum speed will exceed the record 14 years ago at 25% - the unit should be accelerated to speed 1609, 34 km/h (1000 miles per hour) as well as possible and above. The car will receive the designation Bloodhound SSC (SSC acronym stands for supersonic car - Super Sonic Car), and should be first tested in 2011.
The characteristics of jet car impressive imagination - to a maximum speed of the machine can accelerated in just forty seconds, and at this speed speed 900-mm wheels of 10 thousand revolutions per minute. Just for a moment Bloodhound SSC will cover a distance equal to the length of fourteen football fields. Length same car is 12, 8 meters and weight - 6 421, 96 kg when fully charging fuel tank.
Of course, without the help of scientists simply can not do, because the problem will arise before the airplane literally everywhere - take at least a need to create a durable chassis, which is obliged to withstand the enormous stresses of speed over a half thousand kilometers per hour and the speed of rotation of the wheels over 10, 5 thousand revolutions. But at the same time as their greatest strength we should not forget about the weight of wheels, which should be as easy. This corresponds to the requirements of design, manufactured with the use of titanium, aluminum alloys and metal composite materials.
As engines will be used jet engines fitted to fighter aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon, which, incidentally, is capable of a speed twice the speed of sound, but the plane is equipped with just two such facilities.
Chest piloting such a powerful and fast car rolled Andy Green, the man who was driving the Thrust SSC, has already established the current record speed, and therefore, as no one is better acquainted with all the surprises that may occur when moving on Earth surface at a speed exceeding the speed of sound. It can be described as one of the fastest people more because he belongs to a record speed of piloting jet at an altitude of super - 1600 km/h, that little below the potential of achieving Bloodhound SSC.


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