Brand-new content pack for Street Fighter IV

April 28, 2009, 12:41 pm

brand-new content pack for street fighter iv   Xbox 360 users can now cease to envy the owners of PlayStation3 and download your own copy of the free content package Power Up Pack for Street Fighter IV. This update adds a special game mode Championships (Championship Mode) with the new tournament opportunities and the choice of double characters. In addition, this mini-addon you will be able to detect the repetition mode (Replay Mode), in which fighting is allowed to download demos of other users, and even watch as they cut those or other techniques. A very useful feature from our point of view.
Street Fighter IV Power Up Pack has been available on Xbox Live Marketplace, more recently, while the PlayStation 3 consoles this updated twist for several days. Weight of the package is only 16 MB. An excellent reason to re-take the gamepad in their hands and remember the forgotten priemchiki.
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