Bright parade home theaters Samsung series Z

August 25, 2008, 8:45 pm

bright parade home theaters samsung series zbright parade home theaters samsung series zbright parade home theaters samsung series z 
bright parade home theaters samsung series z   Samsung Electronics Company has announced the start of deliveries to the Russian market line of home theaters series Z. There are three categories of models of home theaters that can pick up option under the various needs, based on the size of space and budget. Common features of the entire series are unified concept design, a wide range of replicable digital formats.
Mladshey model line system serves Z110. The nominal output power system is 300 Watts.
Category Z210 models Z210, KZ210, TZ212, TKZ212, TZ215, TKZ215, TKZ216 and took a secondary position in line. Category Z210 comes in three different ways:front and rear floor columns;combined - a floor front, rear shell, and the third option - front and rear shelf columns. Subwoofer and the central channel for all three options the same.
The existence of HDMI outputs provide decent quality video and rich sound. Despite the fact that conventional DVD-ROMs do not support this format, a special processor scales the image from the disk format to 1080p.
The elder category ruler Z310 includes the entire functional categories Z210, but has a greater capacity - 1000 W, supports Bluetooth, which allows playback of audio tracks from mobile devices with support for Bluetooth (mobile phones, MP3-players). Let us hope that soon become known the prices of these models.


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