Budget iPhone for Verizon Wireless

April 30, 2009, 6:25 am

budget iphone for verizon wireless   The following year, ending a contract between Apple and AT T, which iPhone is sold in the U. S. market exclusively to the contract AT T. According to rumors, active negotiations with the apple company is Verizon Wireless.
In 2010, Verizon can start selling two new devices Apple - Budget phone and tablet. Now both devices are at the prototype stage.
The so-called iPhone lite leaner, thinner and has fewer opportunities than the iPhone 3G. According to the source, the cost of iPhone lite will be low, which will allow it to eclipse tachfony that vigor-to-market competitors.
A second device is known, that it is more revolutionary, like a tablet. Novelty will be able to play HD-video, discover music and photos, but also allow to make calls over Wi-Fi. It has a large touch screen, similar to filling iPhone lite.


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