Budget repository Buffalo DriveStation 2Share

October 28, 2008, 7:14 am

   The assortment of Buffalo has a new external drive DriveStation 2Share, which can operate like a normal hard drive for backup data from one computer, as well as networked storage, shared by several PCs .
The new device consists of one or two 3, 5-inch SATA-ROM drive at a speed of rotation of spindle 7200 rpm and may have a capacity of 500 GB, 640 GB or 1 TB. A set of interfaces include USB 2 ports. 0 and RJ45 (Ethernet). Separately notes feature TurboUSB, which improves data transfer rate when connected to USB-interface by about 37% (how does this work and under what circumstances to achieve growth, not specified). To ensure the safety of these users are invited to software encryption Secure Lock.
memories DriveStation 2Share available today. 500-GB version will cost $ 138, 640-GB - $ 150, a 1-TB - $ 207. Prices are for the UK market.


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