Buffalo SHD-NSUM256G :256-GB SSD with two ports

April 24, 2009, 10:10 am

buffalo shd-nsum256g :256-gb ssd with two ports 
buffalo shd-nsum256g :256-gb ssd with two ports   In a family of SSD-drives SHD-NSUM, announced about two months ago, the company Buffalo has added a new model with capacity 256 GB. Like others in this series, SHD-NSUM256G implemented in the form factor of 2, 5 and is equipped with Serial ATA and Mini-USB interface.
New product is designed based on MLC NAND chips. A high-speed data Buffalo said only that the new SSD allow about 30% to speed up the boot operating system compared to traditional hard drive.
SHD-NSUM256G will go on sale in early May at an estimated price of $ 825. The set comes complete with storage software:Acronis Migrate Easy, True Image LE, Disk Director LE, Drive Cleanser.


• Buffalo SHD-NSUM datasheet
• buffalo SHD-NSUM256G firmware update
• shd buffalo firmware
• SHD-NSUM256G buffalo
• Buffalo SHD-NSUM256G
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