On the building approach high NZXT BETA

April 23, 2009, 1:00 pm

on the building approach high nzxt beta   In an information network that the company is going NZXT soon bring to market new computer building called BETA, executed in the form factor Mid Tower-oriented and demanding users of inveterate gamers.
It was reported that the product other than a very impressive appearance, entirely painted black inside and outside, equipped with grills on the front and side panels to improve ventilation, as well as equipped with four compartments for 5, 25-inch devices and five seats for 3, 5-inch drives. As for the cooling system, it consists of just four 120-mm propeller (one front with a blue LED backlight, a rear and a pair on the lateral wall).
It was expected that in Europe, this product will be sold at a price about 50 euro.


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