Business intends to abandon Windows 7

April 14, 2009, 1:57 pm

business intends to abandon windows 7   Some of us still remember that the appearance on the market next-generation operating system Windows Vista marked the software giant Microsoft for the entire sequence of problems, which are said to date. Many partners and corporate customers even before the announcement Microsoft Vista made a statement on the rejection of the planned upgrade. Most of these decisions were motivated by the problems of compatibility between Vista, OS humidity.
Now Microsoft is working on a new version of its operating system - Windows 7. Judging by the reviews of independent experts, the new OS will be required to return the lost position of Microsoft in the corporate segment, to attract buyers stability, better compatibility with hardware and software, new opportunities. Nevertheless, not all think so. Proof of this are used the results of a survey recently conducted by Dimensional Research.
The report Dimensional Research noted that, in general, beta-testers fairly stable and opportunities the new OS, especially if we compare it with Windows Vista. But even the positive reviews of experts and competent marketing policy will not change the view of Microsoft corporate customers on the move to Windows 7.
In a study Dimensional Research polled more than 1100 IT-experts in large companies. More than 83% of them said with confidence that they will refuse a planned upgrade of the OS. But to blame only Microsoft is not worth it. During the crisis, many businesses have had to cut budgets for upgrading and supporting IT-structure, and some simply will not be able to afford the next upgrade. Compatibility of software - the second problem. Now we can only wonder whether Microsoft will be able to change the view of the corporate segment and to convince customers of the opposite. After all, it is not only money but also in reputation.


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